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Commission for a Midlands Hospital.

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The paintings below were commissioned to brighten a new treatment centre of a Midlands Hospital. The paintings were all eight foot wide and painted in acrylic by palette knife. The subject matter was of local landscapes.


Clent Hills

This painting is based on a view from the top of the Clent Hills, near Birmingham, looking south towards the distant Malvern hills. It is mid summer towards the end of a fine day.




This view is of of the Severn valley from a hill close to Netherton in the Cotswolds. The preliminary drawings for the painting were made at the start of a fresh summer's day.



Malvern Hills

The painting is of the eastern face of the Malvern Hills. It shows a flat landscape a fields broken by the spectacular ridge of the Malvern Hills.




This view of the edge of the Cotswold hills was also near Netherton. The sketches for the landscape were made on a fine day. A curious Redstart flew around me, as I sat on a stonewall in the sun.



The painting is of a winter landscape seen through a small wood. The season was chosen to provide a contrast to the rest of the paintings which were of summer landscapes.





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